Schein (pc)

Schein MULTi4-FASiSO (PC/MULTI/2014)
Multi | PC | 2014 | 428 MB
Genre: Action, Adventure, Indie

Schein is an award-winning, puzzle platformer that tells the story of a father who enters a mystical swamp in desperate search of his son. As he becomes enveloped in darkness and begins to lose hope, a wisp appears, offering him guidance and her magical power: a light that reveals hidden worlds.
Key Features

Explore three hidden worlds, each with its own art style and dangers, using magical lights unlocked throughout the game.
Solve perplexing, occasionally maddening, puzzles and master challenging platforming action.
Use your intellect and reflexes to battle deadly bosses.

This game is English, German, French and Spanish
Schein-DEFA and Schein-TiNYiSO are both only English and German

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