Insurance Details DriversThere are many different types of drivers, and for this reason there are also many different automobile insurance policies and providers. Insurers typically determine an individual's premium based on a series of factors, but one of the most influential contributors is the likelihood that a motorist will be involved in an accident or will file a claim. Policyholders that are considered by insurers to be prone to such unfortunate occurrences are often considered a higher risk to insure. There are several reasons why a motorist would be thought of as a riskier to cover by insurers, though age and driving experience are often factors. Motorists under the age of 25, particularly teenagers or single males, are generally considered to have a higher likelihood of being involved in an accident and are consequently more likely to experience increased rates when compared to more mature motorists.Other contributing factors include a motorist's driving record. If a vehicle owner has a history of accidents, claims or traffic violations then there is a good chance that many coverage providers will either offer protection with inflated prices or may even deny coverage. One of the most common reasons to be labeled a high risk label being convicted of a DUI/DWI. The reason why motorists of this category typically experience higher rates or coverage denial is because insurers are generally less inclined to cover an individual that is likely to file numerous claims or cause accidents that may result in the company paying for damages. Although locating a provider may take more research than usual, it's still possible to find auto insurance for high risk drivers that may not necessarily have an unaffordable price.