Affects Insurance
For many motorists obtaining at least some form of automobile insurance is required in order to operate a motor vehicle. Even in states where coverage is not a requirement having the proper amount of protection is still highly recommended. Maintaining a policy, however, does not have to be inconvenient or expensive, and with a little bit of research vehicle owners are likely to located an adequately priced protection plan. Many state Insurance Departments will strongly recommend that residents shop around for the most affordable policies because there are many different qualities that determine how much car insurance cost and often insurers establish prices differently.

One of the most common contributing factors in determining a person's premium is a motorist's driving record. The number of claims that a person files, or the number of tickets received in a given time period can dramatically alter one's coverage costs. Many insurers typically view vehicle owners with poor records as being higher risk motorists. This means that policy providers generally determine, based off of an individual's previous encounters, how likely they are to file another claim in the near future and adjust rates accordingly in order to compensate for the risk of providing coverage for a particular individual. Although many insurers prefer to provide coverage to lower-risk drivers, there are some companies that specialize in insuring higher-risk motorists. Searching through all available options is likely to produce an adequate policy provider.