Approved Insurance Without License
There are many reasons to purchase automobile insurance, and at times motorists may be required to maintain a vehicle protection plan Without even having a driver’s license. There are multiple states that require residents to first obtain a policy before being able to register an automobile, and for motorists that wish to purchase a car before passing their license exam, coverage may be essential. If a vehicle owner should have their license revoked or suspended a policy may be required in order to get it back. Even some financed automobiles require coverage at all times regardless of whether or not the borrower is properly licensed. But despite not being legally allowed to drive, there are still a variety of insurers that will approve coverage at an adequate price.

In numerous states protection plans are required to register an automobile, even if said vehicle is rarely driven or the owner is not legally allowed to drive. A motorist in pursuit of the privilege to operate an automobile may need to acquire car insurance without a license in order to be adequately prepared to drive after passing a state licensing exam. Having required coverage without the means to legally drive may also occur as the result of financing a vehicle. Financial institutions typically require specific quantities of protection regardless of whether or not the borrower’s driving privileges have been revoked or suspended. Should an institution learn that the vehicle is without a policy they may apply “forced coverage” and simply charge the motorist in question.

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