Inexpensive Insurance
The Pine Tree State is not only the birthplace of famous poet Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, but also home to roughly 1,013,533 licensed motorists with some of the nation’s most comprehensive basic auto insurance policies. Vehicle owners in Maine have some of the highest required liability limits that provide an extensive amount of coverage, while simultaneously ME boasts an average expenditure that is ranked by the NAIC as being amongst the cheapest available. A lot of different state related elements go into how much residents pay for coverage, including variables such as crime rate, accident frequency, and a variety of additional statistics. Having inexpensive policies that contain extensive coverage available to residents may also contributes to a decrease percentage of uninsured motorists, which in turn plays a small part in overall policy costs.

When coverage providers determine rates they take into consideration a number of details, specifically an individual’s driving record as well as their place of residence. In Maine the amount of vehicle related crime is lower than most states, with a rate of auto theft per thousand being roughly a quarter of the national average. According to the ME Department of Public Safety there is a vehicle stolen once every 8 hours, 36 minutes. Although this may seem like a large amount, in comparison to states such as California or Florida this is pleasantly low. In CA there were roughly 242,692 vehicle thefts in 2006, yet the Pine Tree State only has a ten year average of 1,329 cars. With a lower chance of theft, as well as a lower number of accidents and a small percentage of uninsured drivers, many residents are likely to find cheaper auto insurance quotes in Maine that offer greater levels of coverage.

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