Insurance Affected Accidents
Being involved in a car crash is rarely expected and hardly ever entertaining. Oftentimes these events can even cascade into a number of expenses, such as vehicle repairs or medical costs. What many people wonder is whether or not being involved in a collision can have a negative effect on one’s coverage costs. Typically any changes made after such an event are done so on a case-by-case basis, though there are times when such premium alterations are more likely than others. When an accident affects insurance rates it is usually the result of the driver being at-fault for a collision, or an existing a combination of offenses. Additionally, the frequency of claims that a person files may also play a large part in the adjustment of policy prices. Luckily, even if an insurer continuously raises a person’s premium there are steps that drivers can take to find a more affordable protection plan.

Whether or not a policyholder is responsible for an accident plays a large part in the likelihood of rates being adjusted. Being at-fault for a car crash could result in a motorist losing their good driver discount. Additionally, drivers should know that if a collision results in injuries there may also be a higher likelihood of experiencing premium inflation. This may also be true if alcohol or other substances were involved in the altercation, especially if the policyholder is convicted of a DUI. In some circumstances an insurer may even deny a motorist future coverage. Vehicle owners who are not responsible for any damages or are considered to be less at-fault may experience no change at all in premium prices.

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