Greater Coverage Insurance
Automobile coverage can incorporate a wide variety of damages that may come from any number of sources. For this reason vehicle owners should note that when searching for auto insurance in Texas it is important to understand the various forms of vehicle protection that are available, and to construct a policy that is able to provide an adequate amount of coverage while remaining affordable. Although resident drivers in the Lone Star State are required to meet specific minimum requirements when purchasing a protection plan, there are a series of options available that can help a car owner be better prepared for potential accidents of varying severity, or even vehicle damages that occur outside of a collision.

In order to legally drive, nearly all of Texas’ estimated 15,374,063 licensed motorists must be able to prove that they can be financially responsible if at-fault for an accident. In order verify that this is possible the majority of residents purchase a vehicle protection plan that meets the state minimum liability requirements. Residents are typically required to carry $30,000 of bodily injury liability to cover a single person, and $60,000 for a single accident. Additionally, motorists must also carry $25,000 of property damage liability. Choosing to operate an automobile without first meeting these requirements could result in a fine between $175 and $350, or between $350 and $1,000 for additional offenses. Furthermore, driving while uninsured may even result in a motorist’s license being suspended or car being impounded.

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