Provide Insurance
In many different states it is the law that all motorists remain adequately insured while driving. To ensure that residents obey these laws, many drivers have to carry documentation stating that a policy has been purchased that meets the necessary requirements. Because nearly every state is unique, the proof of insurance that is acceptable is likely to be different depending on where a driver lives. Law enforcement officers in one location may only accept policy verification in the form of a card issued by a licensed insurer, while others may also accept binders or even refer to an electronic database for faster coverage confirmation. Motorists are encouraged to research a number of available options in order to remain adequately prepared if requested to provide evidence that a vehicle protection plan has been purchased.

When a motorist purchases a policy they are usually given two copies of a coverage verification card that lists various details about the motorist, the insured vehicle, as well as the policy. To ensure that proof is readily available after an accident or when stopped by an officer of the law, drivers are encouraged to keep one copy within the insured automobile in an easy to reach location, and the other in a safe place. These cards typically include the name of the policyholder, the names of the insured, name of the coverage provider, the policy number, the vehicle identification number, and the effective and expiration dates of the policy. Although this is one of the most common ways to provide proof, there are still various other methods that may be accepted in other locations across the nation.

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