Seeking Virginia Insurance Coverage
Automobile accidents have the potential to happen anywhere, even in the Commonwealth of Virginia. In 2010 the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) estimated that there were 8,001,024 people living in the Old Dominion State, 5,569,524 of which are licensed drivers. To remain prepared for potential medical or repair costs that may follow an accident, motorists are encouraged to purchase vehicle coverage, even though it is not required by the state. There are policies available at a variety of prices and provide varying levels of protection, making it fairly easy to find an adequate policy instead of paying the VA uninsured motorist fee and remaining vulnerable to potential crash related costs or lawsuits.

Even the most careful drivers face the possibility of being involved in a car crash whenever they operate an automobile. Whether or not a motorist has purchased virginia car insurance can mean the difference between a simple collision and a financially devastating accident. In 2009 there were an estimated 116,744 car crashes within the state, with 4,761 taking place in Richmond City alone. As previously mentioned, residents have the choice of paying an uninsured motorist fee of $500 to the DMV, which must be paid annually upon registration renewal. This option, however, provides absolutely no protection, and drivers are required to follow state financial responsibility laws and be able to pay for injuries or damages they may cause in an accident.

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