Higher Insurance Teenagers
Teenagers and young adults usually have trouble finding affordable coverage for a number of reasons, but primarily rates are increased because of the risk associated with insuring inexperienced individuals. Statistics surrounding motorists between the ages of 16 and 25 generally depict a group of people who are generally prone to taking unnecessary risks, practicing poor driving habits, and are frequently involved in automobile accidents. But even with these findings looming over the heads of younger motorists, drivers in a lower age group can typically find cheaper coverage by shopping around, making comparisons, and taking advantage of the many ways to reduce policy prices.

Coverage providers usually consider an individual’s driving record to be a major contributing factor when determining a person’s premium. Many younger individuals, however, have little or no experience behind-the-wheel, so insurers often examine accident statistics. One of the reasons why car insurance for teenagers is generally more expensive is because younger individuals are more likely than other age groups to be involved in accidents. The California DMV estimates that over 590 teens died in CA vehicle accidents, roughly 650 in Texas, and over 6,400 throughout the nation in 2008. Teens also have a greater chance of drinking and driving than all other age groups, and more commonly drive without seat belts. Despite these statistics, many younger motorists may still be able to reduce their coverage costs.

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