Having Washington Insurance
For many vehicle owners, financial responsibility is an important issue. After being involved in an accident it is essential to know which motorist is responsible for the resulting injuries or damages, and how these potential costs are to be covered. In Washington, vehicle owners need to be prepared for potential accidents, and maintaining automobile coverage is typically the best way to do this. Being adequately insured is an important part of driving in WA, and residents of the Evergreen State must be able to prove that they can be financial responsible or potentially face various consequences. Luckily for residents, finding, buying and maintaining an adequate amount of coverage that also provides sufficient proof that the state coverage requirements have been met, can be simple.

Before a resident can obtain the necessary proof of Having met the state’s financial responsibility requirements, they first need to find a policy. Although motorists have the option of making a deposit of collateral with the State Treasurer’s office in the amount of $60,000 or obtaining a surety bond in the same amount, most people choose to purchase vehicle coverage. Motorists who buy washington auto insurance must reach minimum liability limits of 25/50/10, but residents are encouraged to consider buying a plan with higher limits or additional coverage for a greater range of protection.

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