Lowering InsuranceNew Yorkers are among some of the nation's motorists that will likely find car insurance to be quite an expense. The Empire State is constantly listed as one of the top ten states to be the most expensive to get insured and this trend looks like it will not end soon. However, motorists in the state can still use various tactics to combat the high premiums charged by insurers to help ensure the most affordable premiums are paid for coverage. According to practically every consumer guide pertaining to automobile policies, one of the most effective ways to obtain the cheapest rates for coverage is to simply shop around. There are dozens of New York auto insurance companies licensed to issue policies and each will likely charge a different rate to an applicant. Obtaining as many rates from as many carriers as possible is a good way for a motorist to locate the company that is the most inexpensive for them particularly. The reason for this is that each insurer sets rates uniquely and targets different clientele. For example, if a company target "preferred" motorists, they will often charge higher rates to high risk drivers. On the other hand, a person with a perfect driving record will likely get the best deal from an insurer that target preferred drivers.

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