Insurance Island
According to the Rhode island Department of Health, someone is injured in a car crash every 10 seconds in the U.S. These accidents are often accompanied with vehicle damage or bodily injuries that typically need to be paid by someone, and usually this includes a motorist’s coverage provider. For this reason, RI residents with poor driving records or greater chances of being involved in an accident in the future typically encounter higher rates to offset the person’s risks. There are a number of reasons why a resident would be considered at a greater risk than others, but with sufficient research an RI vehicle owner may still be able to find adequate coverage to meet the Ocean State’s minimum vehicle coverage requirements.

When RI insurers set premiums they typically place drivers into specific groups based on their likelihood of being involved in an accident. This generally includes people in the Preferred, Standard, and Nonstandard Market. Residents in the Nonstandard Market looking for Rhode Island auto insurance may have a difficult time finding affordable coverage because of poor driving records, frequent citations or simply because of a lack of experience. Shopping around online for quotes, however, could help these motorists find a company willing to provide an adequately priced plan. Viewing a wide range of estimates can help give drivers options, and some insurers specifically target vehicle owners in the Ocean State in the Nonstandard Market.

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