Louisiana InsuranceAccording to Commissioner James J. Donelon, approximately 30 percent of drivers in the Pelican State do not carry an automobile liability policy, while the insurance Research Council estimated the percentage to be 13 percent in 2009. Nonetheless, what ever the exact percentage may be, not only is it illegal to drive without automobile coverage but Louisiana's uninsured motorists are subject to the state's "No Pay, No Play" laws. What this means is that these uncovered individuals give up certain rights following an accident and may face financial hardship as a result. In the event that a motorist is involved in an accident and does not carry a louisiana auto insurance policy, they will be subject to the state "No Pay, No Play" law, which means that the uninsured motorist will be unable to collect for the first $25,000 in property damages resulting from the accident and the first $15,000 for personal injuries. It does not matter if the other party was entirely at-fault for the incident. What this also means is that the uncovered driver forfeits their right to sue in court for the first portion of certain types of damages; these usually include non-economic losses such as pain and suffering.

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