Insurance Dakota
Like all other motorists in South Dakota, teenagers are required to follow auto insurance laws and purchase a policy before driving. Paying for a plan, however, could be more difficult for a younger individual for a number of reasons. Coverage providers often set premiums based off of a motorist’s risk of being in an accident or filing a claim. Unfortunately, younger drivers in the Mount Rushmore State are statistically at a higher risk than other age groups, and consequently experience higher premiums with greater frequency. There are, however, several ways for SD teens to potentially lower their coverage costs. Often drivers can find reduced rates by shopping around for the lowest prices, taking advantage of discounts, and by making an effort to become a skilled and responsible driver.

Before getting behind the wheel of a motor vehicle, residents of all ages first need to buy South dakota car insurance that includes bodily injury and property damage liability, as well as uninsured motorist protection. But because coverage providers determine premiums largely based on a motorist’s likelihood of being involved in an accident or filing a claim, teenagers typically find higher prices. According to the SD Department of Public Safety, residents between the ages of 14 and 24 represent only 16.9 percent of the total number of licensed drivers, yet are involved in 49.3 percent of speeding related fatalities and injuries, and are involved in over 30 percent of all automobile accidents in the State. As a result of these and similar statistics, insurers often set higher prices to compensate for the risk of insuring a younger driver.

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