Wisconsin Insurance Drivers
For young wisconsin residents the ability to drive can be liberating, but teenagers must still remain responsible for their actions behind the wheel. Vehicle owners in the Badger State are required to carry liability and uninsured motorist coverage, which includes individuals under the age of 25. These younger motorists, however, are frequently charged more for coverage than other age groups for a number of reasons. Risk level and accident frequency can influence the rates of individuals in specific age groups, but unfortunately studies have shown that more youthful drivers have a tendency to take unnecessary risks, drive without a seat belt and are more frequently involved in accidents than other age groups. Luckily residents of any age may be able to find cheaper coverage by shopping around.

One of the major reasons why younger individuals pay more for Wisconsin car insurance is because the 551,246 licensed drivers under the age of 25 in the Badger State make up only 13.5 percent of the total number of motorists, but are involved in 24.3 percent of all accidents statewide. Statistics such as these often result in younger individuals being classified as high risk motorists, and consequently experience higher premiums. Insurers often increase rates to counter the financial risk associated with insuring an individual with an increased chance of filing a claim. Despite the tendency for WI youth to pay more for policies, it is still usually possible to find an adequately priced plan after completing a fair amount of research.

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