Insurance Unlicensed Nebraska Residents
Financial responsibility laws were established in nebraska to ensure that motorists could pay for at-fault damages after an accident. To meet these requirements, all vehicles that are registered in the Cornhusker State must be adequately insured with a minimum amount of liability coverage. At times this could result in an unlicensed motorist seeking an insurance policy before being legally allowed to drive. Although it is possible for a resident without driving privileges to purchase vehicle coverage, it may require a fair amount of research to find a plan that is adequately priced. Making multiple quote comparisons online could help residents efficiently evaluate the many options that are usually available.

One of the more common reasons why an unlicensed driver would need to purchase Nebraska car insurance is to have driving privileges returned. Motorists who are convicted of certain offenses, or have accumulated twelve or more points on their driving record within a two year period, may have their driver’s license suspended. Often, to have a license reinstated a motorist must demonstrate to the state Department of Motor Vehicles that NE financial responsibility requirements have been met through an SR-22 filing. These documents are proof from a licensed insurer that every vehicle owned by an individual is insured for a specific duration.

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