Mexico Insurance
Registering a car in New mexico requires residents to first purchase an auto insurance policy that includes an adequate amount of liability coverage. Only after meeting the state financial responsibility requirements can a resident legally operate a motor vehicle. In an effort to decrease the number of uninsured motorists on NM roads, which the Insurance Research Council estimated to be roughly 26 percent of drivers in 2009, the state Motor Vehicle Division (MVD) began utilizing an electronic database that regularly synchronizes policy information between insurers and the MVD. Purchasing vehicle coverage that includes liability protection with minimum limits of 25/50/10 can be simple after shopping around online. Easily accessible resources can allow residents to quickly gather the policy proof necessary to legally drive.

Auto liability is important in NM because it helps policyholders pay for damages and injuries for which they are at-fault. Drivers can use various forms of proof to demonstrate that they have met the state minimum requirements. These types of coverage verification could include a current New Mexico car insurance card, a copy of a resident’s current policy or a letter of written proof on the insurer’s official letterhead. In addition to carrying policy proof while driving, residents should request that their policy providers register this information with the NM Insurance Identification Database (IIDB). This database was created by Explore Information Services as a way of matching insurer information with state MVD records to help reduce the number of uninsured motorists on the road.

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