Insurance Island Drivers
Multiple studies have shown that younger motorists have a higher tendency to take unnecessary risks, drive while distracted, forgo seat belts and combine alcohol and driving. These tendencies contribute to the overall risk that a motorist under the age of 25 will be involved in an accident. Rhode island coverage providers acknowledge these statistics and frequently charge younger individuals more for basic vehicle protection than other age groups. Because the Ocean State follows the tort system, all vehicle owners must be insured with bodily injury and property damage liability, with additional uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage. By extensively researching quotes and other options, teenage motorists in RI can often find adequately priced coverage that can allow them to legally drive.

Quotes that people receive while shopping for Rhode Island car insurance are based on a wide range of details. One of the most prominent qualities that an insurer examines is a motorist’s likelihood of filing a claim, which is usually determined by exploring various facts and statistics. For example, the RI Department of Health estimates that in 2009 roughly 67 percent of traffic fatalities involved motorists who didn’t wear safety restraints. Additional studies have shown that in 2008 motorists between the ages of 18 and 24 demonstrated the lowest percentage of seat belt use in comparison to all other age groups. These and similar findings often lead insurers to the conclusion that younger drivers are a greater accident risk.

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