Automobile Insurance
Auto insurance prices in Iowa are primarily based on the likelihood that a motorist will file a claim. In an attempt to accurately predict a driver’s accident risk, insurers frequently explore an extensive amount of research and statistical findings. Drivers are then placed into certain markets depending on their probability of being involved in an accident. Because of the increased likelihood that an insurer will have to pay out a claim for a high-risk driver, motorists who are placed in the non-standard market are often charged more for vehicle coverage. To avoid paying high coverage costs, drivers in the Hawkeye State are encouraged to avoid many of the practices that land drivers in this market, and to extensively shop around if labeled as a high-risk driver.

Unsafe and reckless driving can quickly lead to higher Iowa automobile insurance premiums. According to the IA Department of Transportation, speeding was one of the leading causes of car crashes in 2010. For this reason, speeding citations and at-fault accidents are generally met with increased coverage costs. Other offenses, such as DUI convictions or license suspension, may also be followed by more severe price increases. If a vehicle owner demonstrates a habitual tendency to take unnecessary risks while behind-the-wheel, their coverage provider may choose to cancel coverage or refuse to renew the policy. If this happens, the motorist in question must find another willing insurer as quickly as possible to avoid a lapse in coverage and the risk of additional consequences.

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