Buying Insurance without License
Despite popular belief, motorists are often capable of purchasing vehicle coverage without having a license. While some companies may charge unlicensed drivers more for insurance, competitive rates can still be found if motorists shop around and compare quotes. Although there are various reasons why a person would pursue auto protection without proper licensing, two of the more common causes include people who have had their driving privileges taken away, and inexperienced motorists who have not yet passed their driving exam. In each of these situations a motorist can often find an insurer willing to provide adequately priced coverage.

No matter a motorist’s situation, one of the best ways to find car insurance with no license is to shop around and make price comparisons. Not all insurers can provide adequately priced protection for inexperienced or high risk drivers, but many others do. Online comparisons allow vehicle owners and future motorists to evaluate dozens of estimates at once, making for more efficient shopping than calling several companies directly.

The reason why an inexperienced and unlicensed motorist may want to purchase vehicle coverage is because many states have strict financial responsibility requirements. In states such as California and Florida it is illegal to operate a motor vehicle without purchasing a minimum amount of coverage. If a young and unlicensed motorist wants to learn to drive in their own vehicle, the automobile in question must be adequately insured.

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