Insurance Driver
Newly licensed teenagers between the ages of 16 and 19 have a statistically higher chance of being involved in an accident than any other age group. Unfortunately, this can also translate into higher coverage costs when it comes time to purchase auto insurance. Policy prices are largely based on the likelihood that a motorist will be involved in an accident or file a claim, and multiple studies have concluded that young and inexperienced drivers are more likely to operate a motor vehicle without a seat belt, drive while intoxicated, speed and take unnecessary risks. Insurers often charge younger drivers more for coverage to compensate for accepting these additional risks.

Although younger motorists commonly encounter higher rates, getting cheap car insurance for teenagers may still be possible after a shopping around and taking advantage of various money saving opportunities. Although the majority of coverage providers prefer to insure low risk drivers in the preferred or standard market, there are multiple companies that are more than willing to provide coverage to higher risk motorists, including teenage drivers.

Shopping around and comparing quotes can give teenagers the opportunity to find out which insurers can provide the lowest rates. Evaluating estimates online can also allow motorists to see dozens of sample rates at once, increasing a driver’s chances of finding an adequately priced policy.

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