Maintain Insurance
When a motorist is required to buy vehicle coverage to legally drive, it is also often necessary to demonstrate proof of financial responsibility as well. Verifying that an adequate amount of car insurance has been purchased requires motorists to find a licensed insurer and purchase enough coverage to meet any minimum coverage limits. If a vehicle owner cannot meet their financial responsibility requirements through alternative means, drivers are urged to shop around and only purchase coverage from a legitimate insurer.

In most states vehicle owners are given the option of meeting their financial responsibility requirements by acquiring a certificate of deposit or a liability bond. In each of these situations, a sum of money is set aside to demonstrate that the motorist in question can adequately pay for at-fault damages after an accident. Because most people are unable to set aside large sums of money, the majority of motorists purchase vehicle coverage.

With the added conveniences of modern technology, many vehicle owners can get instant proof of auto insurance by taking advantage of online resources. Insurers that offer their services over the Internet can usually provide motorists with policy verification over email, or in a downloadable Portable Document Format (PDF) that lists all of the necessary information. Alternatively, some online coverage providers may mail motorists their policy verification.

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