Compare Insurance Quotes without License
Being a licensed motorist typically coincides with the purchase of car insurance. In numerous states it is illegal to operate a motor vehicle while uninsured, and many motorists are unable to obtain a driver’s license unless they can produce proof of insurance. Buying adequate vehicle coverage at an affordable price as an unlicensed driver often requires additional research.

Motorists who have yet to qualify for a license may be rated based on their inexperience behind the wheel. Other motorists who have had their driving privileges suspended are likely have their rates based off of their driving record. For these reasons, unlicensed drivers are commonly charged more for vehicle coverage, but adequate research may help reduce policy prices.

Although the majority of insurers prefer to insure low risk drivers in the preferred and standard market, multiple companies also target motorists with poor or nonexistent driving records. Internet resources can allow motorists to efficiently compare car insurance quotes in an effort to obtain the lowest possible rates. After entering a small amount of information, drivers can see potentially dozens of same rates at once, allowing for convenient comparisons. Extra shopping around may give inexperienced and unlicensed drivers the opportunity to find an insurer able to provide adequately priced coverage.

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