Personal Insurance Quotes
Before shopping for automobile insurance, motorists should prepare a small amount of information. To deliver an accurate quote, coverage providers need to examine an assortment of personal details that are all used by insurers to underwrite and rate applicants. The collected details are used to determine how likely it is that a motorist will file a claim, and consequently what they should be charged for vehicle coverage. Although specific data is required of motorists, there are some personal details that are not entirely necessary to produce an accurate estimate.

In an age where identity theft is an unfortunately common threat, vehicle owners should act cautiously when relaying personally sensitive details. Fortunately, many motorists can accumulate free auto insurance quotes without personal info from online sources. Although many different details are required to produce an accurate estimate, there is no reason for drivers to relay their social security or credit card numbers while shopping around. A company or establishment that requires these numbers may not have the best of intentions, and motorists are strongly encouraged to shop elsewhere.

Of the 1.3 million complaints received by the Consumer Sentinel Network (CSN) during 2010, roughly 54 percent were complaints pertaining to fraud, and another 19 percent to identity theft. Taking appropriate precautions when shopping for vehicle coverage and becoming familiar with the personal details that are necessary to produce an accurate estimate can help motorists avoid potentially fraudulent activity.

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