Coverage Insurance Companies
Licensed insurers can provide vehicle owners with the coverage necessary to meet state insurance requirements, as well as additional protection for a variety of situations. Often a policy that only includes the minimum amount of coverage necessary to legally drive may not be enough leave a driver adequately prepared for an automobile accident. For this reason it is important to explore the different coverages that insurers may offer before purchasing a policy.

Many recommended auto insurance companies will give vehicle owners the option of purchasing a minimum amount of liability with the choice of improving their policy for an additional cost. Most vehicle owners are required by law to carry bodily injury and property damage liability to legally drive. This type of protection helps to pay for at-fault damages, and can be purchased with a specific threshold. Often motorists are required to meet a minimum limit, but most insurers also allow drivers to raise this threshold for only a few extra premium dollars.

Motorists who finance their vehicles may also be required to carry comprehensive and collision coverage. This common additive pays for physical damage to the policyholder’s own vehicle for many different reasons. For example, the collision portion covers damage caused by an impact with another vehicle, while the comprehensive portion covers a wide spectrum of damages ranging from fire, flooding, or falling objects to vandalism or theft. Because of the number of incidences that could leave a motorist paying for repair costs, many additional forms of auto protection are available as well.

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