Insurance Requirements Carolina
Automobile accidents can be costly for all motorists involved, but buying adequate insurance can help motorists pay for a wide range of damages. In North Carolina, vehicle owners are required to maintain a minimum amount of auto protection to legally driver, but purchasing additional coverage can be a wise investment. The Federal Highway Administration estimates that in 2010 there were over 6,536,000 licensed drivers in the Tar Heel State, each of which must purchase liability protection before getting behind the wheel.

Residents must maintain bodily injury and property damage liability with minimum limits of 30/60/25, in addition to uninsured/underinsured motorist protection. Finding a willing insurer generally requires little effort, but to find cheap car insurance in NC a motorist usually has to shop around and compare numerous quotes. Prices usually vary because premiums are usually based on a driver’s accident risk, and individual companies often interpret risk differently.

In North carolina there are dozens of companies that are licensed to sell automobile insurance. Getting quotes can be a time consuming process for motorists who contact insurers directly, but luckily residents have the option of searching online. Comparing estimates on the Internet allows vehicle owners to see dozens of sample rates from a single website. While shopping, however, it may be beneficial to gather quotes for policies that include more extensive coverage.

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