Drivers Seeking Insurance
Studies have shown that motorists under 25 years of age frequently take unnecessary risks while behind the wheel, and are involved in more accidents than drivers in any other age group. Unfortunately for many teenagers, these statistics usually result in higher auto insurance prices. Coverage providers take into account many different details when setting rates, including a motorist’s driving record. Because many younger drivers are inexperienced, companies usually have to rely on statistical information to assess a motorist’s risk of filing a claim.

Research published by the Congressional Quarterly estimates that over 6,000 teenagers die as the result of automobile accidents annually. Additionally, drivers under the age of 25 are statistically more likely to drink and drive than any other age group. This unfortunate information is often the cause of higher priced coverage. To compensate for the additional risk of insuring a high risk teen, many insurers will only offer policies with higher premiums.

Shopping around and comparing multiple quotes may help younger drivers find lower rates. Although insurers generally charge teenagers more for auto protection, each company also interprets risk differently. Getting cheap insurance for young drivers often involves extensive comparisons, but online resources can allow motorists to see dozens of estimates from a single website.

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