Accidents Insurance
Auto insurance prices are based on the possibility that a vehicle owner will file a claim. Consequently, being involved in an automobile accident can have a negative impact on coverage costs, depending on the nature and severity of the collision. If a driver is not at-fault for the incident, there is a small chance that the policyholder’s premium will increase. However, if the motorist is at-fault for any damages, or are incident is coupled with a moving violation, there is a good chance that the offending driver will encounter higher rates and enter the non-standard market.

Because coverage costs have a lot to do with the motorist’s risk of filing a claim, the impact of accidents on auto insurance prices can be significant. If a vehicle owner has a poor driving record with numerous collisions and moving violations, insurers may believe that the driver has a good chance of filing another claim in the future. To compensate for these potential costs, policy providers may deny a motorist vehicle coverage or charge more for any services.

Immediately after an automobile accident, there is a chance that a motorist’s premium may increase. Often insurers have a set surcharge that may be applied to a policy after a “surchargeable” event takes places, which usually includes traffic citations or at-fault damages. If a premium becomes unmanageable, vehicle owners are encouraged to shop around for a cheaper alternative.

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