Teenager InsuranceBefore becoming officially licensed motorists, most teenagers are already considered high risk drivers. Policy prices are largely based on the possibility that someone will be involved in an accident or file a claim, and younger drivers continue to demonstrate riskier behavior while behind the wheel. For example, the North Dakota Department of Transportation found that between 2001 and 2007, adolescents represented only 11 percent of driving residents, but were involved in 25.9 percent of all crashes statewide.

These negative statistics are one of the reasons why insurance rates for teenagers are usually higher than for the average driver. But despite these steeper prices, many motorists are still required to maintain adequate coverage to legally drive. Finding affordable auto protection as a newly licensed youth usually involves a fair amount of research. While most insurers generally target people in the preferred and standard market, some companies specialize in insuring high-risk individuals in the non-standard market as well.

Making multiple quote comparisons can usually help people of any age find lower-priced auto protection. But instead of contacting several companies directly for a sample rate, vehicle owners can use the Internet to amass dozens of estimates at once. On the World Wide Web, teens can explore their pricing options and seek out alternatives to buying their own plan. To cut costs, younger motorists can choose to join the policy of a parent or guardian, and take advantage of multiple discounts.

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