InsuranceMost motorists in the United States are required to carry evidence in their cars showing that they have purchased adequate protection for their vehicles. These documents list important information about an individual’s policy and are essential after an automobile accident. In many states, sufficient evidence is also required to register a motor vehicle, and must be presented when stopped by a police officer.The accepted forms of financial responsibility are not usually limited to car insurance policies, and which forms are acceptable depends on where an automobile is legally registered. For example, for drivers in Washington, financial responsibility can be made evident with a certificate from the state treasurer indicating that the holder has deposited $60,000 in cash. Most people, however, generally present either a detailed card or policy binder.When someone buys car coverage, they are usually given a*proof of auto insurance card that lists specific information about the policy. This should include the name of the insurer, policy number, vehicle identification number, names of the insured motorists, and the policy effective and expiration dates. Additionally, this card should also include a description of the year, make, and model of the automobile.

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