InsuranceWith more than 23.5 million licensed motorists sharing California's roads, the potential that someone will be involved in an accident is pretty high. Luckily, all vehicle owners in the Golden State are required to purchase a minimum amount of automobile insurance to legally drive.Maintaining the bodily injury and property damage liability that is mandated in CA can be costly depending on the motorist and the coverage provider. However, drivers can also get cheap insurance in California by taking advantage of online resources and doing a small amount of research. Vehicle owners have many different insurers to choose from, and each company offers unique rates. Residents can take advantage of these price differences by comparing as many quotes as possible before making a purchase.To compare coverage estimates, CA motorists have the option of contacting several insurers directly or shopping online. While calling around can be an effective way to evaluate prices, it can become a time-consuming process for someone wanting to compare a large number of premiums. By shopping on the Internet, however, drivers can see several sample rates at once from one convenient website.

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