Compare Insurance Shopping OnlineShopping around for automobile insurance can be an effective way for vehicle owners to save money. People who are in search of auto coverage for the first time can compare quotes to find the lowest possible prices, and individuals who are already insured may be able to find cheaper rates from a different insurer. To efficiently evaluate pricing information, drivers are encouraged to shop online, where dozens of sample rates can be found at once.However, before setting out to compare auto insurance quotes online it's important for people to fully understand which coverages they are required to buy, and which ones are optional. In almost every state there is a mandated minimum amount of vehicle protection that all licensed drivers need to purchase to legally drive. In most cases, this includes bodily injury and property damage liability, but other options are available as well. People should determine beforehand the amount of coverage they want to buy, and evaluate estimates for plans that include similar levels of protection.To produce an accurate estimate, insurance companies need to know a handful of details about applicants and their automobiles. Premiums are based on the perceived possibility that the policyholder will file a claim in the near future. To accurately predict a person’s level of risk, motorists typically need to relay their age, gender, marital status, location, annual mileage, and driving record for the past three years. In many situations, insurers will also require an applicant's general credit rating to produce an estimate, although many states place limitations on the use of this information for rating purposes.

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