Insurance MotoristsThe Golden State is home to more than 23.6 million licensed drivers who are all required to purchase a minimum amount of automobile insurance to legally drive. When meeting these requirements, many people want to find a coverage provider that can offer the cheapest coverage available. However, the price of a policy is largely dependent on several important details that are unique for every vehicle owner. Additionally, companies often use different rating methods. As a result, most residents will need to shop around to find affordable auto protection for their unique situation.Premiums are primarily based on the likelihood that a motorist will file a claim, which is determined by examining an assortment of personal details. Because of this, the cheapest car insurance in California is usually given to low-risk drivers, but all residents have the option of shopping around for the lowest rates. To help vehicle owners find affordable auto protection, CA state legislators passed a bill that went into effect in 2005 requiring all insurers in the Golden State to provide to customers upon request an estimate of their lowest priced personal auto policy for which the driver is eligible.To shop more efficiently, however, motorists may want to compare estimates online instead. Resources on the Internet can produce dozens of sample rates from a single website, giving residents several viable options at once. To get the lowest priced insurance available, drivers may also need to research more than quotes; taking advantage of additional discounts and making adjustments to their policy can have a noticeable impact on a premium.

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