Liability InsuranceWith the New Year just around the corner and many Texans more occupied with holiday shopping and getting ready to raise a glass and toast the upcoming year and the things to come, not many have auto insurance on their minds. Texas' motorists should be aware that beginning January 1, 2011, not only will there be a reason to celebrate the aspirations of a prosperous year to come, but there will also be an increase in the minimum liability coverage requirements in the Lone Star State. As most set to New Year's resolutions, many include saving money as a common resolution and keeping automobile policies affordable may be a place to start.Motorists who may not necessarily feel the effect of the new legal requirements are those who have already purchased limits above and beyond what is currently required, however; a large number of TX drivers currently contain the minimum coverage allowed by the state and the bump to higher limits may see rates increase as more extensive policies will need to be obtained. The most effective way to make sure that cheap liability car insurance in Texas is obtained is by preparing for the rate increase that is likely to come with the new year, and although many may be more concerned with the hectic holiday season, one should not wait until an unexpected premium hike is experienced in the near future.

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