Regarding Montana InsuranceThe state of montana requires that motorists are financially responsible for any bodily injury and/or property damage that may be caused as a result of a traffic accident. A large portion of the state's drivers choose to purchase a liability car insurance policy to satisfy this law. Policies must cover at least ,000 for bodily injury for a single person, ,000 for bodily injury coverage for two people, and ,000 coverage for property damages. It’s important to note that Montana's required state automobile liability policies only covers damages to others in an accident if the insured is at fault, but not the driver’s own personal losses. The Montana auto insurance laws also require that carriers offer Uninsured Motorist (UM) coverage, which may be rejected by the consumer. If a motorist does choose to purchase the Uninsured Motorist option, the limits of protection must equal ,000 for a single person and ,000 for two people. The coverage required by the state does not provide any compensation for damage sustained by the insured's vehicle or bodily injury resulting from a collision with the exception of UM and when only involved with a driver lacking a policy. Consumers may want to consider additional protection and in many cases it could be necessary and beneficial.