Opting Virginia InsuranceThe state of virginia has what is called a financial responsibility law, which means that all drivers, whether insured or not, are financially responsible in the event that they are involved in an automobile accident and are found to be at fault. All insured motorists must purchase an automobile policy that covers ,000 for an individual who is injured or killed during an accident, ,000 for two persons in the event that they are injured or killed, and ,000 for any property damage. VA is a state where auto insurance is not required; however, the financial responsibility law still remains in effect. Uninsured motorists must pay an “uninsured motorists fee,” which costs 0 and must be paid to the Department of Motor Vehicles. It’s important to note that this fee does not mean that said purchaser is in any way insured. It simply means that they are registered as “uninsured,” and must still cover any damages in which they are responsible out of their own pockets. Because of this, opting to purchase Virginia Auto Insurance often ends up saving individuals money in the long run. With the ability to drive uninsured being present within the state, some VA citizens opt to purchase additional Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist Coverage in order to protect themselves against possible collisions with uninsured drivers. In the event that such an incident occurs, purchasers will most likely be saved from having to pay large repair bills out of pocket.