Buying Carolina Insurance PoliciesIn 1957, the state of North carolina implemented the Financial Responsibility law which began requiring that all vehicles which were intended to be owned, operated, and registered to maintain continuous coverage at all times. This means that while a vehicle is registered it must be covered by an automobile liability insurance policy, which must remain in effect until said registration ends or is terminated. If a consumer wishes to buy a policy they must meet specific requirements. For example, the requirements include liability protection with a minimum coverage of ,000 for bodily injury to a single person, ,000 for bodily injury for two or more people, and ,000 for any property damage.A majority of drivers attempt to obtain cheap auto insurance in NC but this may mean settling for the lowest coverage allowed by the state. However, purchasing more extensive coverage may be beneficial to many motorists and may only end up costing a few extra premium dollars. Acquiring the lowest possible protection plan may leave drivers paying large sums of money out of pocket if they get in an accident, or if their automobile is damaged by natural causes. By purchasing additional coverage such as Comprehensive and Collision, motorists may be far more protected. A comprehensive plan usually covers any damage that may be done to a policy owner's vehicle that is unrelated to an automobile collision. This includes such things as fire, flooding, or violent contact with an animal while driving. Being without such an addition, a motorist's policy could end up costing the owner more money in the long run if something ever happens to their car.