Jersey Insurance OptionsThe Garden State requires that drivers have auto insurance while operating a vehicle, yet allows people a choice in the type of coverage they acquire. Many different motorists comply with this law by choosing to purchase either a basic or a standard policy. Each of these offer different degrees of protection that are each suited for different individuals with unique needs and driving habits. Before getting automobile coverage quotes, it is good for motorists to know what they are considering purchasing and the difference in the two options in policies.A basic New jersey car insurance policy is one that offers the bare essentials of coverage and usually costs less than a standard policy. For people with low incomes, few assets that need protecting, or have minimalistic driving habits, this would be an excellent plan to pursue because it meets the state requirements at the lowest possible price. Basic protection, however, does not come with very much coverage. Typically, it does not include bodily injury liability and only includes ,000 worth of property damage liability per accident. The only other inclusion is personal injury protection worth ,000 per person, per accident, with up to 0,000 for permanent or significant injuries, such as brain damage, spinal cord injury, or disfigurement. Other additions are available from select carriers, but typically adding these results in a more expensive policy. However, standard policies are available and can provide even more options to drivers.