Getting Better InsuranceIn the state of Maine, automobile insurance is both required and extensive. While already boasting some of the highest liability requirements in the country, vehicle owners are also required by law to carry protection from uninsured motorists as well as medical payment coverage. Even with these requirements in place, however, Maine auto insurance still ranks amongst the least expensive with an average expenditure of approximately 0 per year; this is nearly half as much as places like Washington DC and Louisiana. With such low average prices, Mainers have a unique opportunity to raise their coverage and still maintain an affordable policy. Increasing one's liability limits is easily one of the simplest and most affordable ways of improving one's coverage. The state of Maine already requires bodily injury liability (BIL) of ,000 for the injury or death of any one person, 0,000 for one accident that results in the injury or death of more than one person, and ,000 for property damage liability (PDL); often abbreviated as 50/100/25. Although these numbers may seem high, it would still be fairly easy to exceed these minimums. For example, if a motorist struck and totaled an expensive car then the ,000 of PDL could be exceeded, leaving the policy holder to pay any remaining expenses out of pocket. To ensure Better protection, drivers are encouraged to consider raising their limits an amount that would remain affordable, yet offer increased amounts of protection. Typically 100/300/50 would offer many ME motorists a suitable balance between affordability and protection.