Marriage Affects InsuranceLike many other changes in a person's life, getting married could potentially alter their automobile insurance. Husbands and wives often have the option of combining policies, depending on their provider. Doing so may result in a difference in coverage costs, and even additional discounts depending on their living situation or driving records. Additionally, the couple would have the convenience of having each of their automobiles insured by the same company.It is important to note, however, that if a person's spouse has a poor driving record and intends to merge policies or if the newlyweds intend to find a provider as a couple, then it may prove difficult to find low cost policies together. One spouse’s driving record may negatively alter how much does insurance cost for the spouse with the better record. Generally, all licensed drivers in a single household are used to rate any vehicles covered under a plan. If a spouse's driving record is particularly bad, the husband or wife may choose to coordinate a named driver exclusion agreement with their provider, stipulating that they will not be using any of the vehicles listed on their coverage agreement.One option is to find an entirely new insurer together. By getting car insurance quotes and doing a comparison as a couple to investigate various providers, newly married individuals may be able to find coverage at a price more suitable to their budgets. Insurers will offer a wider range of discounts for growing families.