Affordable Adequate InsuranceA major part of operating an automobile is maintaining a car insurance policy that satisfies a motorist's state requirements, offers affordability to the consumer and adequate protection. All but a few states require motorists to maintain a vehicle policy at all times in order to drive or keep a valid registration, but all states do mandate that if a driver is responsible for causing property damage and/or bodily injury to a third party, it must be paid for and failure to do so can result in legal woes and dire consequences. Finding affordable policies that offer optimum protection is key to keeping peace of mind to being behind the wheel.Unfortunately, since automobile coverage is looked at by many consumers as another bill, a large percentage of motorists obtain policies that only satisfy the absolute minimum protection allowed by the state. This is usually done in an attempt to obtain the most affordable car insurance rates possible, but can lead to inadequate coverage. Consumers should be aware that many of the limits set and required by certain states are not enough to cover the costs that can result from serious automobile accidents and considering more extensive levels of protection can help avoid future financial hardships and be found at a reasonable rate.