Insurance Coverage DriversOn the open road there are many excellent motorists, but there are also many who may be considered as high risk drivers. These particular motorists often have very different coverage rates and providers than most other vehicle owners. Obtaining such a title often comes from having a driving record that is less than perfect. People who have multiple traffic violations or have been considered at-fault for several different accidents will typically be categorized as riskier to insure by an insurance company. One of the most notable blemishes, however, is the presence of a DUI or a DWI on one's driving record. Being grouped into this category signifies to a coverage provider that the motorist in question has a greater likelihood of being involved in an accident based off of previous records, and as a result will often have increased rates, or will even be denied coverage entirely. Teenagers and young motorists typically have increased coverage rates because they too are considered to be risky drivers. It is for this reason that motorists under the age of 25 often find it difficult to locate inexpensive policies and must often settle for high risk auto insurance or plans with increased rates. This is because statistically, young motorists have a higher likelihood of getting in or causing an automobile accident than more mature drivers, and are more likely to take risks while behind the wheel of an automobile. These motorists with elevated risks, however, are still capable of obtaining affordable coverage through companies in which specifically target the world of motorists of higher risks.