Advantage Insurance DiscountsPaying for automobile coverage is not something most consumers look forward to, but if an individual intends on operating a motor vehicle, then the chances are that this is a cost that must be incurred. Although this may be the case, there are several ways that a motorist can help themselves by ensuring that the cheapest car insurance rate is paid for the desired policy, and taking advantage of any discounts where available is one of the most effective ways to cut premiums. Consumers may want to become familiar with the numerous ways that insurers may discount the price of policies and be sure not to miss out on any that can drop the cost of coverage. For the most part, motorists are aware of common auto insurance discounts that are given by carriers such as the good driver and good student discount, each of which can reduce a premium by up to 20%, and can be quite substantial when balancing a budget. But there are many others that a driver may not be receiving, and making sure that these savings are applied can save a significant amount of money. When shopping around for automobile policies, consumers should address any discount that can be used.