Protected Arizona InsuranceArizona's motorists are required to maintain financial responsibility at all times while operating an automobile. This basically means that drivers must be able to pay for any injuries and/or damages that are caused as a result of a traffic accident. If a motorist does not contain such protection a lawsuit could be filed against them and they may have to pay for property damage, medical expenses, lost wages and pain and suffering out of their own pocket; all which may have been paid by a car insurance policy.The state requires that most individuals carry automobile policies if they intend on operating a motor vehicle and auto insurance for arizona motorists must meet the legal minimums. The required protection in the state includes liability coverage in the amount of ,000 for the injury or death of one person, ,000 for the injury or death of two or more people and ,000 for property damage; this is commonly abbreviated as 15/30/10. These limits will only cover injuries and/or damages caused to others by the insured and will not provide any compensation for the policyholder with the exception of possible legal defense for a filed lawsuit resulting from a traffic accident. However, motorists do have the choice to purchase coverage for their injuries and damage that may be sustained by their automobiles, as well as higher liability limits.