Insurance Driver?s LicenseMotorists that plan on operating an automobile will more than likely be in need of an auto insurance policy, and the same may apply for those who wish to own motor vehicles and maintain registration within any given state; this may be the case whether the vehicle owner is licensed or not. Although many individuals who are unlicensed may see no real reason to pay to cover an auto that they do not intend on driving, many states require this as way to keep a vehicle legally registered. Certain states will suspend a vehicle's registration upon realizing that it is uninsured and penalties and fines may have to be paid in or to have registration reinstated.Some vehicle owners may still need to cover automobiles even without being licensed. One such reason to do so is if a motorist has had their driving privileges suspended, but are financing an automobile. Most financial institutions will require customers to maintain vehicle policies for the length of the loan as part of the contract; therefore, either purchasing or maintaining car insurance with no license may be necessary. In many cases, if a lender finds out that the financed car is not insured, they can place what is known as "forced insurance" on the auto and charge the cost to the borrower. If a lender takes such an action, the cost of the policy will likely be much higher than if the consumer had obtained one of their own.