InsuranceIn a perfect world a motorist would be able to simply ask what the cost of auto insurance would be, but the truth of the matter is that there is no set price for automobile policies and the premiums charged by each company for each driver can be quite different. In fact, one motorist may be pay hundreds or even thousands of dollars less than another driver for the same exact product. This is because many factors come into account that alter the rate a carrier must charge to insure particular motorists and automobiles.The best way for an individual to find out how much is car insurance is by contacting a company or agent and obtain a rate quote. But one must be aware that each carrier has a different set of rates based on previous profits and losses, experience with specific classes of drivers, and claims specific to certain geographical areas as well as other factors. Therefore, in order to find the most accurate estimate of what an automobile policy would cost, it would be best for a motorist to get price quotes from a number of various insurers. The prices will likely differ with each carrier, but by obtaining quotations a consumer will be able to see what a reasonable rate would be and what may seem exorbitant.