Regarding Carolina InsuranceThe South carolina laws permit certain motorists to forgo a car insurance policy and register an uninsured motor vehicle. At the time of registration the automobile owner must pay a fee of 0 in order to register an uninsured motor vehicle. The fee is due every year at the time an auto is being registered and is not a set amount that can be increased annually. This fee does not include any type of coverage to the motorist and is paid for the privilege to operate an uninsured automobile on South Carolina's roadways. Although this option is available, it is often recommended to purchase automobile policies rather than pay this fee since expenses arising from a traffic accident that is caused to another party would still need to be paid if the driver is found liable; the expenses caused the vehicle owner would also have to be paid by their own means. The 0 fee could be put towards automobile coverage rather than risk driving uncovered and paying for accident related costs out of pocket. Prior to opting to operate cars without policies, motorists may want to take the time to compare South Carolina auto insurance quotes to see if affordable coverage is available. By doing so, a motorist may be able to satisfy the state's financial responsibility requirements and also have compensation in place should they be involved in a traffic collision.