This year the fire brigade to create the second year of the Iron Army, the National Fire Brigade are carrying out an unprecedented full swing to build the Fire Iron Army campaign. As a commitment to defend the importance of people's lives and property of the primary responsibilities of the fire force, is instructed by their superiors and the orders of the final implementation, and how the complex from the arduous daily work, started a campaign to fight the fire Iron Army is that we should explore the issue. I work with the current New Fire, fire forces do a good job on the Iron Army basic Training on a little superficial view.

A grass-roots fire brigade training Iron Army training must be strengthened sense of purpose, in raising awareness on political and ideological efforts

To build fire training must adhere to the Iron Army "training first, thinking first" principle, ideological and political work to build the fire on the head of the Iron unremitting efforts to the political

Education With scientific theory to arm their minds, political and ideological consciousness of officers and soldiers, establish a correct world outlook.

First is to strengthen our conviction. Fully integrated in the core values of contemporary revolutionary soldier, and the revolutionary spirit in Police fire on the basis of tradition, the ideological education converging through to all aspects of training, and consistently carry out fire forces soldiers nature, purpose, tasks and functions, patriotic , revolutionary heroism, education, education, and combat readiness situation, and actively nurture the core values of contemporary soldier, be politically more mature, more firm ideals and beliefs, a profound understanding of the current fire fighting forces are facing a severe test, awareness of changes on the job training, always do a good job, "skilled in ferocious fighting, fires and fighting for the big insurance, save big disaster" in preparation, and further enhance the sense of mission and responsibility of officers and men, the officers and soldiers of the ideological guidance to carry out current work, opening up a new situation, the effective build a strong line of defense officers and men of education remediation.

The second is to strengthen the concept of honor. Hu Jintao, general secretary of profound study and understand the "three words" general requirements of the essence and spirit of the national leaders of the important instructions to study and faithfully perform their duties Song Wenbo closely linked to the mission, carry out the "carry forward the spirit of public security fire, faithful discharge of duty mission" and the "red story listening, reading the red book, visit educational base red" as the theme of the red theme of education and education activities, and guide the glorious fire brigade officers and men of learning history and fine tradition of leading the officers and men loyal to the Party and the motherland, defender, determined not unswervingly loyal to the cause of the fire, always keeping in mind the mission, always love their work and enhance the building fire Iron Army's pride and honor, and strive to become job model, expert in his efforts to build an Iron Army fire team.

Third is to do a good job of psychological education. From the "people-oriented, Harmonious Police," the requirements, and based on practical, take effective measures to correct the way the work of the use of psychological methods, and conducting mental health education and ideas to ease the work, an accurate grasp of the ideological dynamic, timely detection the various problems the officers and men thinking, and targeted for education and guidance to help soldiers ease the emotions, resolve conflicts, solve problems, to prevent the officers and men of behavioral deviation, and further firmly establish the officers and men.

Two grass-roots fire brigade Iron Army training must strengthen co-ordination training awareness, the ability to improve planning efforts

Basic fire fighting forces to create the fire is currently Training Forces Arrested Reflections Buildingng carried out training and the work of the Iron closely integrate scientific arrangements, balanced. Arrangements for training in their daily work, the party committee, branch "members" to pledge allegiance ventilation, and reasonable development of annual, monthly and weekly work plan and regulate the training and learning conflict. Distinguish between primary and secondary stages of work relationships, overcome eyebrows beard grabbed the practice and continuously improve training efficiency.

First learn business theory. Basic Fire Fighting troops to positions based on functional characteristics, highlighting the theoretical knowledge and the post should be aware the content of learning, the theoretical study as an important part of training task, focusing on learning fire fighting and rescue equipment and personal protective equipment, the structure, principle and use of maintenance method; learning to attack the choice of routes, positions set requirements, fire rescue, fire fighting operated rescue operations with an overview of exhaust heat, etc., are familiar with high-rise, underground construction

And flammable and explosive places fighting tactics and methods.