Doesn’t it seem like a futile process for state after state to continue to debate the legality of health care reform? Let’s face it in the end they will do exactly what they want to and we as American’s will have little to no say at all. These are just the facts of the system in which they are working so you really have to wonder if the states are really Lawmaker Against Lawmaker-when Health Debateng given a say or if they are just pretending to all agree in the end about this reform act.

Could it be that the state governments have lost power to override the whelms of the federal government. The probability of the reform getting a thumbs up from every state is about as good as it snowing in all 50 states on Christmas Day. As important as this hot button is to the country and the American people, why is it taking 9 months just for a debate this issue? Could it be that one side already knows the wheels are in motion, the process is headed down a one way track with the right fuel to continue this train brazing through any attempts to bring it to a screeching halt.

Why would anyone not be in favor of any bill that is designed to improve every ones standard of living? This is the question one side is asking. The other side argument is that if the government is paying for all the newbies added to the health care system, someone, namely the American tax payers will ultimately be paying the bill of free health care for these people. However, this is not entirely true, everyone will be paying for the health care and more balanced than one side is wanting to admit.

Let’s face it Americans don’t like change and they don’t want it at any cost. It is a fear of the unknown which ironically overrides any the detest that most people feel at the current system. The fight is futile at best and while many Americans want to go down kicking and screaming in the end the current health care system will be reformed by the government and for better or for worse we will be left with whatever the end result winds up Lawmaker Against Lawmaker-when Health Debateng.

Experts say a reform is necessary to save the health care system and if something is not done soon that this failing system will actually cause a collapse of the entire government. Others believe that this is just a ploy for compliance like the Patriot Act and that any country that can spend as much on weapons and military action as we do can not be hurting that much. In the end the powers that be will decide and if you think that the people will really have their day in court, guess again.